Our summer months were full of quiet evenings spent exploring under golden skies but our summer days still somehow flew right by. Looking back I feel like so many plans and ideas didn’t materialize but I’m looking ahead to cooler days and foggy sweater weather. The past month the skies have been filled with smoke from fires all over the state and the possibility of the fires flaring too close for comfort hums in the back of my mind regularly.

Our little one year old moves faster and farther everyday. Keeping up with him is a relentless chase and it’s significantly hampered my opportunities to practice freelensing. But I got a lovely session in with him one evening at a favorite outdoor farm brewery. In the early spring this field is planted with clary sage which holds special meaning for him (His name is Sage and I took maternity photos with him last year in a clary sage field)


He doesn’t get to see this sweet little friend often but every time they’ve been together since he was just months old, she showers him with attention and they play and laugh together.



On the hottest days we find ourselves at our favorite creek spot. I cannot count how many afternoons we pack up a picnic and head down there to explore and swim until dusk falls and brings the cool relief of nighttime air. We splash and swim, climb and explore the boulders, catch minnows and crawdads, and it’s possible we parents enjoy a beer (or three). It’s our happy place.


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