Well I managed to get about 3 minutes of free-lensing in this month. But in the spirit of finishing this project for the year I’ll share that handful of rather simple images. Because the satisfaction and pride I’ve felt from participating in this project hasn’t come from delivering perfect or jaw-dropping photos (I’m still working towards achieving that kind of success haha!). Just the fact that I did this at all- tried something hard and shared the results- fills me with joy. Scrolling through my year here feels amazing and makes me feel like I achieved something special and worthwhile for myself. I’m grateful to have joined this group of like-minded souls and I’ve treasured seeing everyone else’s posts. The group kept me accountable and I wouldn’t have done it without this structure. So thank you, fellow Free52 blogging ladies!

These few images are from a simple few minutes of my boys paying in the yard one chilly damp evening. They found a tire rut in the yard and enjoyed rolling tennis balls down it. Simple pleasures, quiet moments, the everyday things- my true whys for picking up a camera. I guess it’s fitting to end the year without a bang so to speak.


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