Our happy celebration of our eldest’s 9th year also marks a year of this long pandemic season. A year ago a dozen children crowded around this table and parents crammed in behind them. A year ago we had no idea we wouldn’t see those friends in person again for at least another year, their absence now palpable in the deep shadows surrounding our cozy scene. I know this season is giving way, albeit slowly; as the vaccine branches through the world our social lives will bloom again. I hope I’ll look back on this tableau next year and simply recall the intimate warmth of our quiet family party.

This is part of ARTIFACT MOTHERHOOD – a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words. The intention and idea for this post, is creating one picture that represents one’s current journey/season of motherhood. Thank you for reading and please continue this blog circle with the moving work from Jo Haycock.