The Pacific air in July defines summer for us when we decamp to the coast house for the week of the 4th. Days filled with warmly humid sunshine and brisk chilly breezes. The misty fogs rolling through are a needed respite from the hot sunny days at home. I know for my children these days will form some of those elemental type of memories, that you feel in your bones through life.

The debut of matching sweatshirts was eagerly anticipated all week prior.
Very special guests were along this year (Toadette, Captain Toad, Petunia, and Toad, left to right)

Our latest flock additions weren’t the only VIPS joining this year. Cousins and grandparents joined us for our week of magic that is the PNW coast in July.

They learned the short route to the beach and happily marched along.
The MN girl took right to the numbing waves of the Pacific.
As did the OH toddler 🙂

Celebrating the 4th on the beach is a near-sacred tradition for us. Festivities stretch across two evenings, families and friends gathering around their bonfires up and down the beach. Times slows and the festival energy of communal boisterous joy blends with cozy fireside intimacy. Senses are overwhelmed between all the elements of nature swirling around and the commotions of merrymaking, but the effect is restorative and peaceful, seemingly impossible to resist.

The kids explore freely and play wildly as the sun goes down.
As the dark sets in, we all flock to the warmth and contented fatigue creeps over everyone as we anticipate the fireworks yet to come.

Sharing these nights with our extended families felt fleeting and precious. Watching the cousins share their imaginations in unbounded revelry and feeling us all, young, old and in between, give over to that blessed energy of a timeless celebration of summer filled my soul. I believe all of us will feel these moments deeply forever.

Artifact motherhood is a collaboration of artists/mothers from around the world. Sharing stories of the joys and struggles of our journey. Our hopes and dreams for our children. With little nuggets of wisdom here and there. These are more than photographs with dates written on the back. These are the artifact we are leaving behind for children and the generations to come. Thank you for reading my July contribution and please follow along the circle with the wonderful entry from Jo Haycock!